Electricity production in Pakistan may be increased by 14 times by establishing environment friendly gravity Dams, proposed by China. Katzarah dam at skardu can store 35 million acre feet along with the electricity production facility of 15000 MW. Katzarah dam is 6 times Greater than Kalabagh dam and its estimated life is Several times more than that.


(11 June 2018)

Mian Zahid Hussain on Monday said that China has proposed 40 environments friendly small gravity Dams which will cost twice as of Kalabagh dam but electricity production will be 14 times greater than Kalabagh dam, i.e., 50 thousand mega watt at cheaper rate. If Kalabagh dam is approved by all provinces then it’s a good option for sure but till then Government should not ignore other feasible energy producing and water reservoir option like small gravity Dams.

The veteran business leader while talking to the business community said that by establishing Chinese proposed gravity Dams Pakistan will not only suffice in energy requirements but will also be able to export electricity to other countries which will definitely improve the national economy and will also benefit the industrial sector of the Country. An example of gravity dam established by China at Chashma is already available in Pakistan which produces 280 MW of electricity.

Mian Zahid Hussain said that small dams are preferred across the globe due to its usefulness. The uncontroversial dams should be given high priority and should be established on immediate basis so the current water wastage is avoided due to lack of water reservoirs in the Country.

The former minister said that by constructing the long proposed Katzarah dam at skardu can store 35 million acre feet along with the electricity production facility of 15000 MW. The estimated cost of this dam is $ 15 bn. The Kalabagh dam can be constructed with the estimated cost of $7 bn with water storage facility of 6.1 million acre feet and electricity production of only 3600 MW. Katzarah dam is 6 times greater than Kalabagh dam.  In addition there is no controversy involves in constructing Katzarah dam unlike of Kalabagh dam which is strongly opposed by 3 provinces. Life of Kalabagh dam is only 25 years while Katzarah dam’s life will be many times more than that. Katzarah dam can be completed in just 3 years on construction work is started, he added.