Policy of suspending mobile services must be reviewed.


(December 21, 2015)

Former President FPCCI Senator Haji Ghulam Ali and President PBIF, President All Karachi Industrial Alliance and First Vice Chairman of the Businessmen Panel of FPCCI Mian Zahid Hussain on Monday asked the government to review policy of suspending mobile service on security considerations as Army has contained the menace.

Suspending mobile services in sensitive areas haven’t proved very useful but it has added to the miseries of masses, telecom operators and reduced revenues, said Senator Haji Ghulam Ali and Mian Zahid Hussain.

In a joint statement issued here today, they said that now government has started suspending these services for hours to stop some religious leaders from issuing sermons.

Senator Haji Ghulam Ali and former Provincial Minister Mian Zahid Hussain said that government should not punish millions of people over barring an individual to use telecom technology to reach supporters.

They said that such decision gives negative impression about writ of the government, leave emergency services dysfunctional and add to the problems of masses, students as well as business community.

This situation is squeezing telecom sector which is already reeling under heavy incidence of taxes.

The business leaders said that back of terrorists has been broken by offensive strategies of the military under the leadership of COAS Gen. Raheel and deserves support of every Pakistani.

The role of Rangers, for maintaining peace in Karachi, is commendable and endorsement of these steps is responsibility of Federal as well as Provincial Govt. Senator Haji Ghulam Ali and Mian Zahid Hussain assured support of business community to Major General Bilal Akbar, Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar and COAS General Raheel Sharif.

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