There will be Record Business activities in karachi this ramzan and eid, credit goes to Ranger and police. Army Chief deserves congratulations on taking revolutionary steps for enduring peace in waziristan, karachi and Baluchistan. Terrorism has ended with operation Zarb e Azb and Raddul Fasaad in Pakistan.


(13 June 2018)

President Pakistan Businessmen and Intellectuals Forum (PBIF), President AKIA, Senior Vice Chairman of Businessmen Panel of FPCCI and former provincial minister Mian Zahid Hussain on Wednesday said that By achieving marvelous success during operation Zarb e Azb Pakistan has started traveling towards enduring peace. Within 18 months Pakistan Armed Forces have cleared the dangerous area of waziristan till the Afghanistan’s border and established peace through intelligence based operations across the country in southern Punjab, sindh and Baluchistan.

The veteran business leader while talking to the business community said great results have been achieved with these IBOs. Sleeper cells from across the country have fought and vanished.  During the first year 837 hideouts of terrorists were destructed and 253 tons of explosive material has recovered. More than 18 thousand weapons have recovered including heavy and light machine guns, rocket launcher, snipers and AK-47 guns. Thousands of terrorists have been eliminated and busted during the operation. 11 military courts have been established, he added.

The former minister said more than 9 lac people associated to 30302 families have internally displaced to other areas.  Government with support of US and UAE has provided all basic necessities along with financial assistance to the IDPs. At the end of operation, Pak Army ensured their safe return back to their localities. To ensure long lasting peace in the Country army has taken revolutionary measures including infrastructure development and FATA, PATA merger with the KPK province.

All safe heavens of terrorists have been destructed during this operation and to end terrorism completely operation Raddul Fasaad has launched in February 2017 under the supervision of ministry of interior by military and paramilitary forces across the country.  During the first year of this operation 15 major and 4535 intelligence based operations have conducted in which 4510 terrorists and 1859 unregistered Afghan people have been busted.  4083 different arms and more than 6 lace ammunition have recovered. 558 people surrendered during this operation while 108 terrorists have been killed.  Reconstruction of affected areas is in process under this operation he pointed.

Mian Zahid Hussain appreciated the efforts of former DG Ranger sindh lieutenant general Bilal Akbar and current DG ranger major general Muhammad Saeed and applauded the unforgettable role of sindh rangers in restoring the lights and peace of Karachi.  With restoring peace in Karachi the trade and industry in the city has improved and people’s trust on authorities have restored; there will be Record Business activities in karachi this ramzan and eid, credit goes to Ranger and police.